Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun Felt Food

Around here crafting projects get started and then fall through the cracks like cows in a cattle grate.  
What to do?

Well nothing worked pretty good last weekend!  
I was visiting my mom with a bag full of felt and an unplanned crafting session just happened and it was fun and fulfilling.  
I saw these adorable felt pizzas a few weeks ago and they just SCREAMED Audrey. 
 They were so fast & easy and Audrey couldn't get enough of them.  We seriously could not cut fast enough - it was too cute!  Karlee came up with a cute hamburger and fries. 
Mom added in the drink and lunch is served!
We just used household items like bowls, cups and plates to get the basic shapes and made up the rest. Mom had the cutest idea for an ice cream sundae! I can't wait to make it, I just hope the pre-planning of it won't cause it to be put off for a couple of months years!

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