Monday, October 12, 2009


A day late and...


registration for more free paint from glidden had to be turned in by yesterday!

My sis told me about it Friday and I thought I could sit on it for a weekend - my notorious procrastinating has once again bit me in the butt!

And I love Glidden!
I have an entire Shelf in my Laundry room closet dedicated to it.

Plus all of my FREE projects I have done from the last giveaway...

Fireplace niche, living room, bedroom, dining room, and my entryway Map Project

I am blue :(

oh blue would have been a fun color


K- I'm done! Plus I made more Halloween Bows and some "puffs"
I will post them very soon, and no more whining from me...


Amy said...

seriously, so sad

Darci said...


Solithius said...

Wow i really had no idea you were so talented. Amazing stuff!

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