Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Thimble Story

Like many others, my thimble memories involve a grandmother.  My Great Grandma Audrey in fact!  I remember as a little girl going to visit her and spending the entire visit looking at the hundreds of thimbles arranged with other trinkets in a huge corner curio cabinet.  My parents started me also collecting thimbles before I can even remember  (whether or not it was of my request I don't know - suppose I'll have to ask...) Whenever we would go on vacation or somewhere neat we would get two thimbles, one for me and one for Grandma Audrey.  I always envied her massive collection and wanted one just as big - an ambitious feat!  Grandma has been gone for nearly 2 decades now and my collection is still not nearly what hers was, but now if you see my collection you will know why there are several duplicate thimbles - one for me and one for her...
Soon after Grandma passed away I began sewing lessons.  I took to it like a fish to water and it has been a part of my life ever since then.  My graduation present was a 'best of it's kind' home sewing machine, and my first job after high school was at a sewing factory.  I always felt complete that I had a collection like my Grandma and that I was named after her (as was my daughter), and that my most developed talent was sewing - it just all went together.
But college, marriage and two kids later it all kind of got away from me, and I got rusty... that is why I am so excited about my new goals of sharpening my sewing skills, and I am taking you along for the journey!  I have begun making hairbows and flower clips as well and I hope to get my website up and running thimbleambitions.com to sell them, and eventually I hope to sell some home sewn goods as well!   Since we bought our first home I have been obsessed with interior design and becoming tool handy - so plan on some adventures in that area too!

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