Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A TuTu Tutorial

A couple of yards of tulle...
 (a yard each of coordinating colors)

cut at the fold...

cut into 1.5-2" strips...

tie onto elastic...
(I should have sewn it because, for me, it would have been waaaaaay easier)

I've really been into apple green and black lately (obviously)
but this combo turned out halloweenish (good timing I guess then)
...and fluffy is always a good thing right?
Well, not so much, this thing is too fluffy...

you live and learn
c'est la vie
That is Life 

Still have the tulle and the plans to make a chocolate/pink, pink/black, green/brown, pink/green, white thrown in there - any combo really, but I think I'll mix up the style - any suggestions?

I got this easy baby from Girly Things  
But if you visit over there DO NOT click on their link to visit Katie Lynn's Boutique.
Just don't do it - I warned ya mkay!

1 comment:

Let it Shine said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Thank you for posting this!! I have been wanting to make one of these for my little girl foever!

Take care,

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