Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flower Power

I sold my first hair bows!!!!!
Technically they were flower clips!
I put up a little display last week at the salon my moms gets her hair and nails done and I have had 7 bows sell! 
I sold 4 of these babies 
(this photogenic masterpiece artfully gives you the dimensions of the flowers) 
and I have to go into the salon to see what the other 3 flowers were!
I made the magnetic/chalkboard bow holder too!
This has given me the motivation I need to craft all day!!! (as if I needed one!)
Even better, it has motivated me enough to clean my entire house so that I can craft guilt free all day 
So does this make my little business experiment/venture/majig official?
Send any potential buyers of flowerclips and hairbows my way :)
I customize (obviously because I rarely make the same bow twice - I am ADD/OCD like that!)
I also want to sell bow holders, magnet boards, magnets, & chalkboards (also personalized!)

1 comment:

Jed and Rebecca said...

Erin! I like your CRAFTY blog! It makes me wish I could "create" fun things like you do! Keep up the post! I'll read them!

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